Houdini tip | Render any node in background

Hello, I would like to share with you a recent small script I did for more convenient local rendering from Houdini.


In some Houdini builds I had issues with background renders, and I also miss Background render feature on some nodes. So I created this shelf tool, which will enable you to start a background render of a selected node or nodes. Using this tool you can render nodes with dependencies, fetch nodes, merge nodes… Just select the node and press button. It will start up a background process in terminal, where you will see progress of the rendering.

Currently it works on Linux and Windows. Feel free to contribute to the repository and extend it for MacOS. Also if you encounter any issues let me know, or even better create a pull request 🙂

Here you can find script repository with set-up instructions.

Happy rendering 🙂

Houdini tip | Render any node in background